Wednesday, 1 August 2012

How to stop smoking

First of all, the subject is extremely lengthy and complicated, vast and over-analyzed, hence the reason i‘m going to approach it as a series of articles, we both shall look at ways to approach this subject in a more accessible manner and furthermost, the most natural manner.

Benefits of quitting
OK, let’s start off with the motivational part. There are countless reasons for you to quit smoking and this is what will have to motivate you in the long run, it’s your PRIMARY GOAL. It’s what your entire approach will be based on and what outcome you will have.
The benefits of quitting smoking are numerous, as mentioned before, but the main ones are :
  1.  Of course the main benefit is the way you will basically reduce risks of developing illnesses, or death, caused by cancer, heart or lung disease.
  2.  You will benefit from a better circulatory system.
  3.  And help significantly reduce the risk of bronchitis, pneumonia, asthma attacks, meningitis and ear infections, mainly regarding your children but also others who may live in your household.
  4.  You will improve your sexual life, and not only that but also your fertility, take in account the fact that your blood flow will increase, and imagine the benefits, both men and women would benefit greatly from quitting smoking.
  5.  Your breathing, your general fitness, your sense of taste and smell also will benefit from quitting, you will enjoy your meals more, and be able to enjoy your life without needing a cigarette for comfort.
  6. The other reason which is very popular for us women is VANITY. Your skin, hair, eyes, teeth.. you‘re scent… all benefiting from you quitting, you’ll look better and feel better. Smoking on the other hand will age you, so any cream you buy… is basically pointless… WASTE OF MONEY and time.
  7. Smoking stresses your entire body, so you’re functioning below par. It’s like the effect of suffocating ivy on a tree. Smoking is like having a parasite sapping the body at all times. When you stop you can really begin to benefit from the food you eat and exercise etc.
  8. You are free no longer tied to smoking because each ciggy is just part of a chain of behaviour to provide the body with more nicotine to cope with the constant withdrawal symptoms of the drug. It’s not that the cigarette relaxes you and provides comfort, that is an illusion. You smoke to because your body is craving nicotine. It’s a trap like the pleasure of taking a pair of  tight shoes…… the pleasure is just being back to normal. Wouldn’t it be nice to just feel normal and free.
  9. You will actually spend you’re hard earned money on things you actually enjoy… not  the illusion of satisfaction that smoking actually  is.
  10. All the nice memories that you attribute to smoking… are just an illusion, your memories were happy cos of the people you were with not the cigs… the meals you enjoy the drinks all tainted by the times you smoke ,it becomes every moment of your life,. That’s the illusion…  that you can’t live without cigs… In fact your whole life will be more enjoyable and fun cos you are free and your body is free too. you are healthy and can breathe smell and taste and  SMILE
These are the ten most important reasons to quit, there are of course numerous more.
But we wouldn’t  be fair without a fair and balanced opinion about smoking, certainly it  may have it’s benefits… let's see them.

Now let’s get down to the nitty gritty of how to actually approach quitting. I know there’s many ways, and maybe some don’t work for everyone but my personal way was trough reducing my cigarettes each day for a few weeks prior to trying not smoking at all, i didn’t need any nicotine patches or chewing gumsi just tried doing the only logical thing. Everyone knows we as humans are defined by vices, routines and sometimes ideals (lol)… now the only way to quit a vice is by replacing it.
Replace it with anything, from physical exercise to eating peanuts and chewing gum.  Plus the use of imagination and creativity is immensely important, find what works for you.

Like i said most people probably in the beginning will need substitutes like, peanuts, chewing gum, sweets etc., In the course of reducing your smoking, the withdrawal symptoms will become less and in no time you will find that you don’t need the substitutes. So don’t worry about gaining weight because you will only need the substitute for a short time.. Say you smoke 20 a day, you can gradually reduce the number of cigs you smoke at your own pace over a set period that you have decided.  For me I reduced from 20 down to 10 down to 5 down to 3 and then 1 a day over a period of 3 weeks. Then once I had reduced my smoking down to just 1 or 2 it was a lot easier to stop…. It just comes naturally… It’s a challenge  it doesn’t have to be a sacrifice :) Just think of what you gain and what do you lose. You’ll realise you’ve got nothing to lose and everything to gain.
So good luck in trying, come back soon for the next post on quitting smoking.
littlemisswonderwhy xoxox